Sunday, April 26, 2009

Disney's first Black Princess. I Bet White People Had A Hard Time MakingThis One.

so disney is making this black princess, & i just think its a big gamble. No matter what they do some black person is gonna find the movie offensive/racist. like the movie is set in New Orleans( I find it cool its gonn be there) some black person out there is gonna think hey why is it not in Africa, if it was set in Africa they might say hey just because she's black it has to be in africa. haha. and then her accent is very southern like, so somebody out there is gonna be like why she gotta talk like a slave! BUT if she talked proper they might say why she gotta talk like a white girl. And then the prince is like white or something, i don't even whats gonna happen there. Mark my words No matter what happens in this movie somebody is gonna find this offensive.

- I love my black people, just lightin up sometimes, ay? =]


  1. hehe. Agreed. It looks like it's gonna be cute though.

  2. Well, I'm one of those people who say why not Africa??? There were no princesses in New Orleans. I actually don't mind that the prince is of another race. I think it's cool.

    Anywho, I'm going to be seeing the movie basically because it's Disney and Disney animated movies are always awesome!

    Yeah, sometimes we as a race are understandably hyper sensitive. I did a research paper once over the history of blacks in entertainment and the things I saw/learned were terrible. I should blog about it...

  3. LOL I so agree! If I were to bring that information up in my classes they would all be like "OH H**L NAW!! Why she gottta be this why she gotta do that!" LOL people... lol gotta love 'em!

  4. this does look like a cute movie and it's about time since the closet thing to a black princess is princess jasmine from aladdin. Younger kids really think she's black I found out. she doesn't count. She's A-RA-BI-AN from A-RA-BI-A. Now all we need is a Mulatto princess for us half breeds.

  5. thanks for the info! im gonna watch it now!