Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Allow Me Intruduce To Your Amanda.

so this is amanda. she's pretty cool and so is her blog. she's a hipster rather shed like to admit it or not. she's also new to blogspot, so go follow her, don't be lazy and/or a dick. you know how hard it is when you first start your blog.. its always goood to know that somebody has interest (rather you people like to admit it or not) but anyways back to the subject. but if you like fashion, photography, & other random shit this is thte blog for you.

-it doesn't hurt that she hotter hot pizza either. haha


  1. "she's a hipster rather shed like to admit it or not."

    hahaha i lol'ed and mentally rolled my eyes but in the most loving way. ;]

    and thanks for the hot pizza compliment :]

    ps. youre gonna have to hook me up with this tumblr thing.. i kinda want one.. hmm..