Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye West.......... The Douchebag

I know we all saw the dave chapelle segment "when keeping it real goes wrong"......yeah thats what kanye did. i know people were not gonna be mad because he has a cault following, it was so worng what he did. people are like "at least he said good job" or what ever, but that still doesn't give you the right to take the mic right of someone's hand, im not gonna be like nice hair and take your pen. honestly i didn't think her video was that good, it wasn't like it she won the nobel peace prize. people treat him like a kid, no your like so grown dude. he did this same thing before some band won an award and he was all like " i never even heard of you before, i had pamala anderson in my video". if you really do care about the art, i dont think name dropping is the best way to express it. btw that video wasn't that good.( touch the sky). but it's over now. but it still was disrespectful. but beyonce saved the day. haha.

-I wasn't gonna post much about this but then i saw how many people, thought he didn't do anything wrong, now if the tables were turn and kanye was in her position kanye fans would be going crazy.
-I'm still gonna listen to his music if its still good.
-one more thing if he really cared he would have went to some mtv producer and not do in front of millions of people. (publcity idk maybe maybe not)
-im finish. its over.


  1. Yup. Lost cool points with me that he didn't have in the damn first place. So that makes him a neg. 0.

  2. I love all of these photoshopped Kanye images. TOO funny!

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