Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day Wasn't So Lonely After All.

I thought Valentines day was just going to boring like the others, but for once it wasn't. got a comment from mia saying she didn't want me to think she played me( thats the girl that stood me up twice in one day lol) and to make it up she would come to wherever i was. saturday came around, i got up around 8 something. i was scared to go back to sleep because i knew i wouldn't get up in time. took a shower and all that good stuff. Then rolled out the door on my skateboard. I had to get her something because i didn't want to feel like a dick so i got her a rose at wallgreens(every girl should get something for valentines day right?) So we meet up with my friends Aja at hard rock cafe then head into the place where Aja works, its this news paper ran by teens, the place is so cool but some of the people weren't this dude told us how we couldn't be here, & somehow we got on the subject of me being a photographer & she says "well im sorry Ruben is the best photographer I seen" what the fuck is up with that? So we went to the CNN building & got somethihng to eat with Aja & her oyfriend then we left them, because we were going to the high art museum( i think i spelled it right?) it was packed in there. We were im there for like 4 hours then we walked all the way from the high art museum to north ave.(thats by the varsity). then ended the night off on the internet at her grandma"s house & her mom taken me home. yup yup yup. that day was pretty bomb. later folks!

- "im gonna kick all seven parts of your ass" insider


  1. oh man.
    i still wish i can go to the high art museum.
    i'm glad you have fun.
    maybe we need to schedule to do something else,shall we?
    like...momokan...hopefully mia will enjoy it.
    i spelled her name wrong (i thought it was spelled m-I-a,lol)

  2. oh yeah,
    VOX is a bunch of haters.
    i didn't know people were giving u an unwelcoming welcome.
    but i never seen rueben's pics (that's why you asked of him?)
    yeah, i complain big time about place, fake people

  3. Sounds like a descent Valentine's Day to me! :)

  4. I used to take my skateboard EVERYWHERE!!!! It's nice to relate to other skaters!!!!

  5. aw a museum is such a good valentine's idea : )